Đề thi môn Tiếng Anh vào lớp 10 THPT tỉnh Bình Định năm học 2013-2014

Gợi ý lời giải
Part 1 (0.5m): books, months
Part 2 (1.5m):
1) good at
2) Good idea
3) often
4) advantage
5) the
6) shouldn’t they
Part 3 (1.5m):
1) going
2) am checking
3) are emptied
4) was wondering
5) would have
6) have just won
Part 4 (1 m):
1) collection
2) warmly
3) purify
4) inactive
Part 5 (1.5m):
A1) special
2) dyed
3) made
4) and
B1) No, they weren’t. (They were first used by sailors.)
2) Jeans were first sold by Levi Strauss.
Part 6 (1m):
1) E. in places where Earth’s plates
2) A. in the area around the Pacific Ocean than
3) F. earthquakes around the edges
4) C. the other edge of the Pacific plate
Part 7 (1.5m):
1) Nam has just bought a laptop which is very expensive.
2) Although my mother was tired, she helped me with my homework.
3) My sister studied every subject hard. Therefore, she won her school’s Best Student Prize last year.
Part 8 (1.5m):
1) Lan told me (that) she was waiting for her parents then.
2) If we had enough money, we could have a holiday.
3) All the students are going to be taken to the beach by Mr. John.

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